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Caravanning - Affordable Holidays

Caravanning; The Solution To Affordable And Pleasurable Holidaying

Author: Thomas Pretty

When looking at new caravans there are so many considerations to be made that it can be extremely difficult to make a decision. First time caravan users will find this especially hard, although with a common sense approach and a little knowledge it is possible to get great deals on new caravans and ensure you have years of unbridled joy on your caravan holidays.

Those who love to travel are understandably attracted to the world of caravanning, the freedom of the open road and the ability to take a home from home with you wherever you go is the ultimate pursuit and the perfect way to holiday with friends and family.

New caravans are of course not your only option; as you enter the dealer's forecourt there will be plenty on offer in terms of used caravans as well. Depending on your budget, you may wish to go used, after all a brand new mobile home can be a costly investment. A general guide is that new caravans will cost between eight and fifteen thousand pounds, although top end caravans can broach the twenty thousand pound mark. With such high prices it is worth ensuring that you get the choice right, a poor caravan will be detrimental the enjoyment you are able to have on holiday.

You should always view a wide variety of new caravans before you decide on one. Careful deliberation is essential to get the choice right. Many dealers will specialise in only a couple of brands so visiting many is highly advisable. Using the internet to view what the market has to offer is the ideal way to get a clear idea of what you want your caravan to do before you even head to the dealers. With such a brilliant resource at your fingertips it would be ill advised to ignore the benefits the internet brings.

You should also consider the power of your car when looking at new caravans. Many who are new to caravanning do not realise importance of their tow car. If you find your vehicle underpowered it will be difficult to control your caravan and keep it under control. For safe holidaying and travel it is essential to look at your vehicle handbook to find information on its towing capabilities.

If you do happen to tow a caravan that is over your maximum towing weight you not only put your friends and family at risk, you will also invalidate your insurance meaning your caravanning holiday could well end up costing you the earth. Some drivers, predominantly those who passed their tests after 1997 will also have to undertake a specialist towing driving exam if towing heavier caravans.

Although probably not a problem with new caravans, it is still worth checking the caravan over thoroughly for signs of damp. In used caravans this is a prerequisite as damp not only harms the aesthetics of a caravan, it can also harm its structural strength. It will also be worth checking over the seals and doors as these can be problems in keeping the water out. Other than that, considering the layout and appliances you may want is all you will have to worry about.

Caravanning is definitely one of the most wholesome pursuits available to anyone. Ensuring you have the right caravan for your purposes is vital to enjoying your holidays. The great outdoors is only ever a short drive away and the ability to get away from it all and relax for a weekend cannot be underestimated. If you want the means to take inexpensive holidays for all your friends and family a caravan is the best solution. Although the initial outlay may be costly, it will pay for itself once you are enjoying the delights of regular holidays in parks throughout the country and abroad.

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About the Author

Travel expert Thomas Pretty looks at the considerations that must be made when looking at new caravans and the pleasures of caravanning holidays.